Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tag! You're It!!

Thanks to my dear friend Sally who tagged me as one of her most Kreativ Bloggers! Sally, I have been working on this all week... I don't think I am very interesting. Basically, the award requires that you blog 6 interesting facts about yourself and then tag 6 friends to do the same!
So here are some interesting facts about me:
1. I have really weird knees. They hyperextend (bend backwards more than they should). I'll show you some time.
2. I have a really, really weird eye trick. My eyes can roll so far back in my head that you can't see the pupils. Sometimes I can even get them to go opposite ways...
3. I'm double jointed in my wrists so my fingers can touch my forearms.
4. Ok, so I'm in an arranged marriage... Our grandparents were best friends. My dad and Cliff's mom grew up together. My dad and his dad were roommates in college. Do you think they planned this? ha ha!
5. My secret wish is... to be on BROADWAY! The bad part of that wish is I can't sing very well and I really can't dance either.
6. My other secret wish is... to be the First Lady of MS or the US! If that ever happens we're having a sleepover in the Governor's Mansion/White House!
Well, that is enough about me! Some of it is not so interesting but some of it is... :) I am going to tag Fran, Jessica, Mary Stratton, Allie, Meg, and Becky as recepients of the Kreativ Blog Award! Have fun!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday cousin Fran!

Cousin Fran is 29 today!
Sarah, me, Fran & Mike at their engagement party

Sarah, Fran & me at Fran's bachelorette weekend in Memphis

Drinking a Blue Moon at the Flying Saucer

At the Fur Ball - 2006
Happy Birthday sweet cousin!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oldies but Goodies

Here are a few older pics to tickle your fancy...

Amy & Justin's rehearsal dinner - Court of Two Sisters - New Orleans - December 2007

First Christmas - December 2005

Jess and Katy at the Back Porch - Destin - July 2007

Cliff, Katy, Jess & Ben - Red Bar - Destin - July 2007

Honeymoon - Anse Chastenet Resort in St. Lucia - July 2005