Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holiday Kick Off!

Mistletoe is always the kick-off to my holiday season and this year is no different! This year, a group of us (consisting of us, Ty & Rebecca, Ben & Jessisca, and Jon Paul & Amelia) got Totally Awesome and took it to 80s Night, the Friday night event at Mistletoe. We had too much fun!

Pre-party with our Blueberry Lemonade martinis

Jess, R, Delly Welly, and A

Hooray for a drumstick!!

The whole gange in front of Rubix Cubes and a balloon arch
(how 80s is THAT?!?)

Cousin Lee and Cliff

On the way home... I got stuck in the middle with no seat!
Here's to the holiday season! Hope yours is Merry!!