Thursday, June 12, 2008

The update

OK, so I know it's been a while... Sally just fussed at me about it. Things have been as crazy as ever in the Agnew house. We are getting ready to build a deck (for fabulous summer parties that you are all invited to), get a new roof and decking on our house, maybe completely redo the plumbing (because the water pressure stinks!), and possibly get a new air conditioner (since we cannot keep our house cool). So if you want some deck experience, come help us! There will be steaks and cold beer at the end...

By the way, a little 411 for y'all... I took Mo walking on Sunday afternoon, and he started limping on Monday morning. By the end of the day he coudn't put any weight on his foot. I took him into to vet Tuesday morning and his little paws got burned on the asphalt from our walk on Sunday. Lesson learned... The vet said to make sure if you walk your animals to do it in the morning or evening when it starts to cool off. I felt like such a bad mother, but who would have thought that his paws would be burned?

Anyway, hope this finds all of you well. I promise to try to do better about posting. Maybe next time I'll add pictures. Take care and hope to see all of you soon!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The one with a realization

I was drying my hair on Friday, and I happened to look over a wall hanging in my bathroom. It has the ABCs of life on it, and C was Count Your Blessings. As long as I have had that wall hanging, I've never noticed this part of it. It got me to thinking about all of the blessings in my life, and I realized I have nothing in this world to complain about. I have a wonderful husband, dog and family that I could not live without. I have friends that love, support and stand beside me in any situation. I have a house to give me shelter, food to fill up my tummy, clothes so y'all don't have to see my naked body, and so many other things that make my life easy. There is so much for me to be grateful for and I have so many blessings in my life that I take for granted every day. God is so GOOD! In fact, He is so GREAT! So I challenge you to take time to count your blessings and thank God for each and every one of them every day! It's something so simple but can make your day so much better...