Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pink or Blue?

It's anybody's guess!

Yes, you guessed correctly - we are expecting our first little bundle of joy in December! I'm at the halfway point so we are beyond excited. We tried to find out the sex of The Bit (as we are lovingly calling the baby) at our last doctor's appointment, but he/she wouldn't cooperate. He/she is definitely her father's child... and I say that with love in my heart! We go back next week to try again. Hopefully we'll have a different result this time.

Obviously, things have been really busy around our house lately, so my apologies in the severe lack of posting. Cliff graduated from Mississippi College Law School and has been studying for the Bar since May. The last day of testing is today!! Whoo HOO!!

After graduation, we took a week off for our first "Katy & Cliff" trip since before law school. We went down to the beach and did NOTHING until Friday. Then we helped our friends Joe & Laura celebrate their wedding in Watercolor. It was fantastic!

That's it for me, my blogging friends. I promise to be a little more diligent about posting...